• Goals and objectives

    • To teach natural family planning, fertility and fertility awareness to family couples, newly-married couples, young people, and teenagers;
    • To publish and distribute materials which provide information about NFP;
    • To organize training courses for teachers of NFP, and to conduct seminars and workshops for doctors, nurses, teachers and other responsible citizens to learn NFP and the physiological basis of every human life;

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    Goals and objectives
  • Natural Family Planning

    The method of Natural Family Planning can not only help to delay, but it can also help to conceive the desired children, without using artificial contraception. This method is based on the results of observation of physical signs, and is useful not only for birth control, but also for the early detection of fertility complications. This method can be used by girls and women during the childbearing period of their lives.

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    Natural Family Planning
  • Work with young people

    The education of the generation coming to adulthood is a very important and multisided task. Along with various sociological, psychological, and moral aspects, a big part here is played by sex education, which in no circumstances should be neglected. It is important to educate a girl like a real woman, and a boy like a true and honest man. The success of this task depends on too many things to ignore them: the health of people and their personal and family happiness, the education of future generations, and mutual understanding between them.

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    Work with young people