Meetings with women’s groups

25 Jan

We were especially pleased that in 2018, after having looked at our website, the Public Association “Ene Nuru”, an organization which provides consultation on breast-feeding and preparing for childbirth, invited us to conduct NFP training for a group of breast-feeding mothers and for the members of Mutakallim, an association of Kyrgyz Muslim women of all ages. Our goal was to give them a clear knowledge of their own fertility and the ability to apply this knowledge in their marriage on the basis of deep respect of the married couple (a man and a woman) for one another and of readiness to accept a new life. We had 12 participants.
We hope that “Mutakallim” will use NFP knowledge among its students and “Ene Nuru” will continue to teach NFP to breastfeeding mothers.
We were pleased to present such a useful training for our users.

Asel Ibraeva:
“I met a group of women from two organizations the first day of their learning about NFP. They were “Mutakallim” and Ene Nuru members. There were old retired women who wanted to learn NFP and share their knowledge with their daughters and daughters in law and young women who also wanted to have this knowledge to use in their future married life. I talked about my family, my children and the NFP method in our married life. They were very enthusiastic to learn about NFP and to understand the importance of this knowledge. I had a good impression from this meeting and thought that was a group of women who really needed NFP knowledge to help and to keep their families safe and happy…”