Education of the teachers of NFP in Kyrgyzstan

13 Dec

Education of the teachers of NFP in Kyrgyzstan
Introduced in 2005, the method of NFP has aroused wide interest on the part of family doctors in Kyrgyzstan.

Our first group of NFP teachers, comprising 33 people, were for the most part family physicians of the Issyk- Kul province. Then our association extended the introduction of NFP to other parts of Kyrgyzstan, visiting Bishkek, and the Naryn, Talas, Chui and Jalalabad provinces. In total, we have trained 365 people all over the country, of whom 106 are certified as teachers of NFP: they are health care professionals who are active in disseminating this method among the population.

The uniqueness of the NFP method is that, along with contraceptives which are sometimes harmful, family doctors can now suggest a method which is completely harmless and friendly to the body; which involves the husband in family planning; and which consists simply in making use of information about our own physiology.

NFP is a family planning method based on observation of the fertility of the female body, eliminating any interference in the form of the various contraceptive methods injurious to health: and for that reason it attracts many couples to use NFP, both for the purpose of conceiving a child (especially when the couple has low fertility), and for the purpose of postponing conception.

Every year, as part of the work of our voluntary association Family Harmony, we hold meetings with our teachers of NFP to exchange experiences, at which we discuss the special circumstances for women’s cycles and of course the long-awaited successful conceptions.