Our work continues

25 Jan

During 2018 we continued our work of teaching groups of doctors and nurses in Kyrgyzstan about NFP.   They included two groups in Batken province, of 15 and 18 participants respectively; a group in the Osh province (16 participants), and two groups in Bishkek and Chui province (14 and 23 participants respectively).

We also gave presentations in schools in Issyk-Kul province, to some 797 school students, as well as some 240 school teachers and groups of parents.   Topics include reproductive health and NFP;  personal relationships and the road to happiness;  and the value of our human life.   Our friend and colleague from the United Kingdom, Mark Bhagwandin, joined us again to take part in this work, for two weeks in May 2018.

Since the work of our organization Family Harmony began, we have conducted training courses in NFP for doctors and nurses and for other groups in Kyrgyzstan; and about 1024 of the participants have received a qualification showing that they are able to teach couples about NFP.  We have also given presentations to 7428 students in schools and colleges, and to other groups.