About NFP

13 Dec

Natural Family Planning
is based on the fertility of women
teaches couples to find the short fertile window in each cycle
allows couples to plan the number of children in the family
enables couples to achieve a happy family life.

What is Natural Family Planning?
The main idea of the method is to identify the beginning and the end of the fertile period, using the main indirect indicators,because conceiving a child is only possible during the fertile period of the menstrual cycle.
The main indicators:
basal body temperature
cervical mucus
condition of the cervix

The method of Natural Family Planning can not only help to delay conception, but it can also help to conceive the desired children, without using artificial contraception.
This method is based on the results of observation of physical signs, and is useful not only for birth control, but also for the early detection of fertility complications.
This method can be used by girls and women during the childbearing period of their lives.

Chances of conceiving a girl and a boy, depending on the occurrence of the pre-ovulatory and ovulatory periods (showing the number of days before ovulation) :

What is NFP?