Goals and objectives

13 Dec

Goals and objectives

To accomplish this mission, the organization has set the following goals and objectives:

• To teach natural family planning, fertility and fertility awareness to family couples, newly-married couples, young people, and teenagers;
• To publish and distribute materials which provide information about NFP;
• To organize training courses for teachers of NFP, and to conduct seminars and workshops for doctors, nurses, teachers and other responsible citizens to learn NFP and the physiological basis of every human life;
• To support teachers of NFP by developing a network that will provide a service to couples who are using NFP;
• To teach NFP to pregnant women;
• To advise married couples with fertility problems how to use NFP to conceive a child;
• To make available education about NFP to married couples and young people (schoolchildren, university students, college students, and all citizens of reproductive age)

That will enable them:
1. To understand human fertility, to appreciate and respect their own body, and thus to form healthy friendships without sexual activity;
2. To value the benefits of marriage and family life for society;
3. To be prepared for the commitments of marriage, and to be ready to fulfil them when they embark upon marriage and family life;

• To establish direct links with foreign enterprises, institutions and organizations;
• To use the media to promote the aims and objectives of the organization;
• To receive information as may be necessary from the relevant state authorities.

The organization has the right to engage in other activities which are not prohibited by the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The registered voluntary organization “Family Harmony” actively cooperates and collaborates with the public and private sectors, with non-governmental organizations, initiative groups and representatives of local governments.