Our Mission

13 Dec

Our mission
The organization’s mission:

(1) To support the right of men and women to be informed of, and to have access to, safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of fertility regulation of their own choice: and to support their right to receive information and services which ensure the safety of pregnancy and childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby.

(2) The establishment of strong and healthy families.

(3) The lifestyle of married couples. Education that includes respect for human dignity, and knowledge of physiology and of the natural cyclical rhythm of a married couple’s fertility, that is, natural family planning.

These three aims are interrelated. Education about respect for human dignity, about respect between men and women, and about the physiology of fertility and the cyclical rhythm of women should begin in adolescence. When young people are getting ready to marry and to start family life, they have the right to receive information and practical help to enable them to choose (out of respect for one another) to regulate the conception of their future children by natural methods, i.e. by means of natural family planning, which is a safe, effective, affordable and acceptable method of fertility regulation.

(4) The objectives of our association are based on the principles of clear mutual understanding between men and women and their responsibility to each other, and full respect for human life and for its transmission. For these reasons the activities of the association do not include the provision or promotion of artificial contraception, or the recommendation of induced abortion as an answer to a problem pregnancy.